5 Reasons Why You Should Care About JavaScript


JavaScript is everywhere, and it’s become a necessity in creating an interactive experience. Users expect a webpage to flow, respond to them and even wow them. This is what JavaScript does. And it does it so well, that though there are different flavors of JavaScript, there are no replacements.


On a cold and rainy night at our Dallas campus, 35 aspiring developers gathered to discuss the rising success of JavaScript. Two industry thought leaders led the conversation: Tony Spiro, co-founder of Cosmic JS, and Kate Moczydlowski, an instructor at Coding Dojo.

在达拉斯的一个寒冷而多雨的夜晚,35位有抱负的开发人员聚集在一起,讨论JavaScript日益成功的问题。两位行业思想领袖引领了这场对话:Cosmic JS的联合创始人托尼·斯皮罗(Tony Spiro)和编码Dojo的讲师凯特·莫奇德洛夫斯基(Kate Moczydlowski)。

For those who couldn’t join the discussion, we’re sharing the full presentation below. But we wanted to spend some time answering one key question: What makes JavaScript important?


Here are five reasons:


1.It’s everywhere. It’s seen adoption from large companies (think: LinkedIn, Google, Netflix) that not only decided to use JavaScript, but to rewrite their entire applications using it. This isn’t a tiny investment. It displays a great deal of trust and faith in a language to choose the risk of rewriting an application over using an existing one. These risks are being taken by industry giants, and for good reason.


2.It’s flexible. It’s not just a front-end language. As a back-end language, JavaScript provides great scalability and performance because of its event-driven architecture, more so than many of its competitors from various languages. It also allows for a seamless transition for developers from the back end to make edits on the front end. JavaScript’s adaptability is something that draws more and more people each year. It can provide you with great interactions on the front end, asynchronous operations, and is not bound to any browser or operating system. Its possibilities are endless due to this dynamic and adaptable nature.


3.It’s easy to learn. With the only requirements being a text editor and a browser, anyone can start learning JavaScript. And while learning JavaScript, you’ll interact with HTML and CSS, which are the building blocks of any website.


4.Its community. Because of its popularity, the JavaScript community is heavily populated with experts, novices and resources. New ideas and libraries spring up daily to fix new problems, improve fixes of existing problems or introduce new methods. The community is constantly innovating, and through this JavaScript evolves.


5.It’s in demand. If you want to be a programmer, you need to learn JavaScript. Because it’s so widely used, you will be hard-pressed to find a job listing for a developer that does not require it. It’s the de facto language of the web, other than HTML/CSS of course.


JavaScript isn’t perfect. It has plenty of quirks. Part of the fun of learning, though, is figuring it out.


I love JavaScript because it makes me feel like a wizard. I remember when I first began using it, and being amazed that I could make part of the screen disappear and have something new show up. It was like a magic trick where the magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat.


Love it or hate it, JavaScript isn’t going anywhere. Wouldn’t you like to try a little magic?


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